A serene oasis in the heart of your cities
Legendary style makes it one of the most prestigious Hotel in the worlde.
Fantastic place and what makes it even better is that it is not part of some big international chain but locally owned and run. The rooms were great, if possible try to get a suite as it makes things easier with a young family, the hotel is in such a lovely position right on the beach, approximately 100 paces from sea to pool, a little longer via the bar for either a Piton beer or one of the fantastic cocktails!
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  • Spa $12


  • WiFi $12

    u sobi

  • Oven Roasted Alaskan Hailbut* $32

    caramelized cipollini onions, coined potatoes,

  • Waterfront Chop Salad $12

    house smoked salmon, lettuce, garbanzo beans

  • Taxi $12

    prevoz do znamenitosti u gradu

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Our blissful atmosphere, attentive service, facilities and the combination of tradition, hospitality and the elegance of simplicity is the answer to your dream holidas
An Adrenalin Rush Lacesd with Asturs
Best known for its beeaches, coral reefs, and pastel hues. Explore the sparkle just below the surface.
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